More new sketches/collages III

More new sketches/collages II

More new sketches/collages

These are all less than 6"x8".


Fun Knitting Projects

I knitted the hat, it was very simple. I used the Tahki tweeds yarn and size 7 circular needles. Cast on 80, Row 1: K, Row 2: P, Then k two rows, p two rows until you get 8 inches or so, k2tog or p2tog for one row (obviously in pattern)switch to size 3 needles and decrease every other row, either k2tog or p2tog. When you have a few stitches left, thread the yarn through them several times and pull tight.

For my hat, it's just a fisherman's hat in wool, a basic rib for 8 inches and then stockinette and decreasing.

The headwrap is a pattern I found on Ravelry.

A self-portrait for a class

This was one of my midterm paintings for a class. I think it's about 14" x 14", oil on unstretched canvas.


A couple of new things I'm working on


My Fashion Illustration Project

This is my first project for my fashion class and my first exercise in illustrating garments and drawing fashion figures. We had an inspiration image (above) that we had to design from. I chose this image because I think it has some great colors, gray and yellow and navy and blue, in it and also some different materials and shapes. It's supposed to be a military-inspired set of looks, because of the military-looking eagle pin attached to the mirror. If you look, every piece takes inspiration from something in the photo, and the colors are all matching as well.

It took me at least 40 hours to finish this project and incorporate it into a presentation. It's really hard to make the clothes and bodies look even semi-realistic! I think the final project came out a little cartoony when I was going for a more foreboding and sharp look, but everyone thought it was successful in the critique.