Work from a new show

I was in a show called Employed this week. I arrived on Thursday evening with 9 other artists and started working until yesterday at 4pm. All the work that people made during that period was hung in the gallery. There were also two installation pieces put up in the work room that we were in. I only took a few pictures of my own, but when I find the ones taken by others I'll post them as well. Here's the work I made:

Wire mother, Acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and charcoal on canvas, 36" x 38"

Unknown at this time, Acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and charcoal on canvas.

I don't remember the size of this one, but it's slightly smaller than the other. I'll post the other pictures later.


I sat in the car, 1
8" x 24", graphite transfer on paper

It's so hard to take photos of graphite. I'm not sure why it's so grainy...