Critique Week Paintings II

Here are a few others from my oil painting class. They are all at least 30" x 30". The last one is 45"x 30":

Critique Week Paintings

These are some of the paintings I finished for critique week last week for one of my painting classes (oil). I used raw, unstretched canvas for drop cloths, just splattered paint, set my stuff on them, drew sketches on them, then gessoed and stretched them and painted on top. The top painting is about 35" x 35". The middle painting is huge, about 52" x 58". The last one is 17" x 45".


Finished collage

Here's a collage I finished a couple of weeks ago. You might recognize it; I worked on top of another piece.


My stepmom taught me how to make buñuelos, which are little cheesey fried balls from Columbia (and other South American countries as well, but this kind is from Columbia). I took a rice mold that my friend Maritess gave me and used it on buñuelo dough.

I really am very busy with work, but sometimes when you are busy is when you get the most done, like posting very important snack pictures.


Oh, here's something

This painting was an assignment a couple of weeks ago. It's huge, like the size of me. My teacher said "This painting is so weird. I think it's changing my life." And then she just trailed off, saying she used to be a smoker and how she's trying to quit, just mumbling and touching her forehead. I'm glad even my not-fully-successful paintings are confusing important people.


Sorry guys, I have finals in two weeks. Wow, I am swamped with work.