One new drawing/painting of my dad

Sometimes it's really nice to make work that has nothing to do with any of my classes. Here's a picture of my dad that I did with graphite, charcoal, and coffee on watercolor paper. I wanted to do something at home with materials that I had around. I think it's 20" x 30". It isn't quite finished yet but I might move on and make a few more that have a more planned composition.

I've got a huge project due on Thursday, so I'll post pics of that after it's finished. It's fiber and printmaking related and I'm pretty excited about it. I get to make things in the woodshop!


sygyzy said...

Hi, I am sorry but I can't see the parking lot arms that he shattered like the Hulk, no matter how much I squint. This *is* one of those "3D" paintings, right?

Sarah said...

So prolific. Were you creating this much art pre-school? What was it like to go from working to full-time art student?

Drew said...

I was definitely not creating this much! I do a lot of work now for some reason.

It was really nice to go from working to art school! It's very, very stressful for me here but it's more stressful to feel like you're in limbo, not working toward anything important.

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