Let's have a Moratorium on...And 4 Ways I Kill Time

Can we please stop....

...When someone wants to sit down on the train and the person sitting down in a row with an empty seat gets UP and gives the person the INSIDE seat, instead of scooting to the inside seat themselves.

...Using startup industry lingo/confusing and indirect language in articles advertised on social media and meant to appeal to everybody.

...And, as always, taking photos of one's food at restaurants.

And here's 4 fun things I do on the Internet:

Youtube stuff I want to learn

(In order: lockpicking, nail art, dubstep dancing, interior design for small spaces, and budgeting.)


Polyvore is hard to explain, even when you see this picture.

It's a sort of way to create outfits based on mood, or colors, or something you read in a magazine, or a famous person, or an event. Then, you save the outfits and other people can see them and vote on them. It's a good way to make your personal style more interesting, which is important if you're in the public eye (and especially if you're a woman). I realize this still sounds very dorky. Ok, here's something else: Polyvore has 1.4 million registered users that create 30,000 fashion sets each day. This data is what Polyvore sells to department stores and designers. As opposed to Pinterest, which doesn't make money at all. Internet companies are strange indeed.

Learn some new workouts

I love this website.

This is the only place I ever go to figure out what to do a the gym. If you're around 30, then you are probably aware that things are not bouncing back like they used to. And the fastest thing you can do to make yourself look hot again is lifting weights +stop eating so much. The link sends you to the exercises page. What I do is just pick an upper body muscle group and a lower-body muscle group, choose 3 exercises that look fun from each (they have videos showing exactly what you're supposed to do), set my timer for 45 minutes, and go do those at the gym. Then, in a day or so, I choose different muscle groups and different exercises and do it again. I am not a personal trainer and I haven't consulted one, but I'm not seeing any loose flab on my body and it's giving me much better results than just cardio alone. And as Penelope Trunk will tell you, what you look like matters at work.

Mess around on Eat This Much.

 I love how much you can play and customize the meal plans on this website in such a short amount of time. It will give you meal plans based on how much time you have to cook, what your dietary restrictions are, how many calories you want to eat (and coach you on how much you should be eating), and what percentage of protein, fat, and carbohydrates you'd like to eat in a way that is beautifully-arranged and intuitive. It's just a nice simple platform that does one thing well. Good for people who get overwhelmed with planning meals but definitely want to remember to eat.  


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