Crafty Time: Gold Makeup brush holder and box for holding stuff

When I don't have much to do on Sunday mornings I decoupage, among other things. Last Sunday I decoupaged the heck out of a Republic of Tea container and a box from the thrift store. 

Now I keep the box on my bedside table with Chapstick and marbles in it. It's a good box to dig around in when you can't sleep due to lack of marbles and Chapstick. My bedside table is very small so I can't really keep anything there but this box, a lamp, and some books. If you want to do an awesome job at decoupage, get some paper that is already pretty crinkly, like this one
And some Nori glue, which is a paper glue from Japan. It can be found at Blick.  Every time I use Nori glue, I am reminded of how lovely it is. 

Cut your pieces of paper to the size of your surface by setting your piece on it and tracing every surface. Some surfaces are not square or easy to cut out accurate pieces for. That is what the crinkly paper is for. It makes all your mistakes look invisible.

It's Friday night, and I'm watching QI and drinking wine, and waiting for my boyfriend to come home. QI is the best show. Informative and funny!


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