Crafty Time: Printed Recipe Tags on Vintage Christmas Mugs

My assistant printed these little baby tags with a logo on one side and a recipe for the drink on the other side. The drink was a hot toddy, yum! I bought these vintage mugs for between 40 cents and 90 cents at the thrift store and washed them. People could pick out their favorite mug, get it filled up, take it home with them, and make the recipe on the tag at home! It makes events really fun when there's something for someone to experience there, take home, and then make or do again later with friends. 

A piled-up triangle banner with the logo on it, and a second one made from pretty origami papers. They are for a super-cute photo booth idea (photos later). It's super easy with origami paper, and you can use them over the top of another backdrop, like a vintage map, or in front of a fire place or across a whole room:
  1. Mark the center of one side of the paper, and draw a line from the center point to one corner, then the center point to the other corner, making a triangle.
  2. Grab some twine, i-cord, or string, and some clear tape.
  3. Tapey-tapey the triangle to the twine, making the tape go from the top of the triangle all the way around the string to the back of the triangle.
  4. Use pushpins to secure on the walls or ceiling
I bought my mason jars at the thrift for $2 each. They are neat and perfect for Hot Toddies, a whiskey-based drink. I filled them with cinnamon sticks, honey, lemon juice, and whiskey and let it meld together for a few hours. When the party folks started to arrive, we boiled water in a kettle and started pouring hot teas, then adding the whiskey mixture. Yum and super easy. In these pictures you can see my coworking space, The COOP. I'm opening my own coworking space.

Next I want to try making Hot Buttered Rum for a crowd.


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