A Seriously Useful and Not Lame "Gifts for Men" Post

I thought shopping for guys was super hard, because everything they want is always really expensive and/or they don't give good specific suggestions. It's always something like "I want a watch." What watch? A $60 watch can look awful or ok depending on what kind of style you're looking for and if you're being ironic. Most women can give a list of stuff we want in any price range when asked, because we're observant like that. Anyway, I spend most of Christmas day trolling for a Christmas gift for a man, and for the first time in my life I found some really yummy places to buy stuff for guys that's in multiple price ranges, well-made, unique, not kitschy or something stupid like a fancy shave brush (men don't use that stuff and if they did they would already have one) or something boring like a spa day. Commence collage:

From right to left:
1) Miansai: Men's jewelry and accessories, made in America and vintage-seaworthy (between $75 and $105)
2) Super affordable, imported leather bracelets (like the ones we saw in Greece) ($3.50)
3)  SILENT By Damir Doma beanie from Oki Ni (£56)
4) Nixon Axe wristwatch from Oki Ni (£150)
5) Undercover Wool bracelet from Oki Ni (£80)
6)Weekend Satchel Carry-On Bag from J W Hulme, another American-made product ($790)
7) Raf Simons hair pin from Oki Ni (I actually really want this for myself) (£95.20)
8) Rough and western-looking leather and metal bracelets for men ($45)

Or, you could make your own here, at Blog Inspiration and Realization.


sygyzy said...

I would be happy with any of these. Thank you Drew.

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