Pricing Your Services

I've been reading this article about putting pricing on your website after getting annoyed at how many venues don't list pricing on their websites. Seems like it should be a very transparent system and when it's secretive it looks sketchy. Even very large and popular event venues don't list pricing. I won't bother listing them - it's pretty much everyone.

It's a very well-thought out article. It's made me want to try to figure out a way to put pricing on my website. I work on a per-project basis, and I happily try to work within the budgets of clients. I base pricing on how many hours I think it would take me and my team, include any emergency or follow-up services the client may need, and then make sure I give them a few free hours, usually because I like them and want them to succeed. So how do I make this into a transparent pricing system that is easy to understand?

It works something like this:
(My hourly rate which is $75 at this particular time in 2012 x how many hours I think it would take me and my team to complete the project successfully, not including some free time and support that I love to shower my clients with, and that usually goes on infinitely in to the future) + any reimbursables the client wants me to list upfront, such as event help, transportation, supplies = cost.  This is a good time for an infographic.

Defining what success means with a client early-on means that I always have a good guess how much a project is going to cost right away. Everyone's definition of success is based on so many individual factors, which may be hard to lump into categories. Also, I can do many different types of projects. Anyway, this is my attempt at actually sharing important knowledge. But I really feel like sharing my favorite knitting patterns. I've been trolling Ravelry hardcore, despite my discipline with not starting any new projects until I finish 3 old ones I've been working on for months.


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