My Favorite Colors for Logos and Banners

I use colourlovers a lot to help clients choose palettes for websites, logos, banners, and events. It's also one of those websites that makes time disappear because it's so fun to browse. Some of the color combinations are very yummy indeed, and make me want to paint my house, or start a line of sweaters. These are my favorites right now:

Faded Wallpaper would be a beautiful color scheme for an Etsy shop selling vintage textiles, upcycled grandma stuff. It feels very Anthropologie and reminds me of some sparse and modern houses on Apartment Therapy.

I love Mala Palaxturnun for a startup website with a strong call to action, such as a fitness website, or the iwillteachyoutoberich type, and a brand identity based around movement.

Sex on the Floor is such a magical reddish orangy red. It is a great color for an independent consultant with a strong and fun-loving outlook. OH, wait. It's my title color for my blog.


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